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Sunday, May 18th, 2008
11:32 pm
Awesome Sobek Statue

Bought that earlier today at Hastings for only $17.00. I will say its probably one of the best Crocodile mini statues there is, a perfect depection of the sexy crocodilian god, complete wiht the ankh marking on its left arm and on the lower part of its leg. The only drawback is the asp that is sticking out of its maw, but that can easily be removed.

I heart Sobek. ^_^;
Monday, February 11th, 2008
10:21 am
Following this link you'll see what have I drawn.
Please be honest if you like it or not;)

And this is kind of a Valentines Special or anything...

"...like a tramp in the night
I was beggin to you
to treat my body like you
wanted to(sexy moans;)

This is the night
Touch me,touch me
I wanna feel your body
your heart beat next to mine
this is the night
Touch me,TOUCH ME now..."

Lyrics from Samantha Fox'1986 single"Touch Me".
Lust?Right here;)
Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
9:08 pm
ZOMG! I wanna croco pet!
This was posted to my Anthrosaur mailing list -- http://www.japanprobe.com/?p=3550

Damn, I envy that guy! Too bad I can't understand what it is being said, other than "wani" (japanese for "crocodile").

If anyone manages to capture that stream to a file, lemme know! :3
Sunday, January 6th, 2008
7:03 pm
One reptile more...

 To start with,I'm very glad to join your community,at last I have someone to share my kinks with;-)
About me.
Name/Terrukhan ''Skawiński'' an exterrestrial crocodile warrior.
Age/ only 18 but I look definetely older ;-)
Orientation/I like male,buff reptiles so it's kinda obvious.
Mated/still not.
Interests/New Wave & pop-dance music of the 80's.
A great hobby of mine is drawing.
I'm keen on photography as well.
If I play a PC game it's usually something like Need For Speed.
I'll start with computer graphics soon
and I hope to get my own laptop so that I could finish my doodles with it's help.
I'm not very keen on PC stuff but it's necessary if I want my artwork to go further
Croc;gator knowlegde/not so good.
I can't come up with anything else so if you'd like to know anything else than don't hesitate just ask.
I'd enjoy to chat or mail with you .

Thursday, September 27th, 2007
10:50 am
homing crocs
Three homesick crocodiles in Australia have shocked experts by returning hundreds of kilometres back to their homes after being relocated.
I'm not sure if anyone's heard this or not.

Full news article is: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7015561.stm
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
9:50 am
Gator Farm Compliation clip
Ok, I'm way late on this, but last month I went to a Gator Farm in Colorado, and took a few clips of the fun event!

Saturday, April 7th, 2007
12:21 am
Hello everyone!
There's a new croc in your community!

Name: Vector
Age: 31 irl   (20 fursona)
Gender: M
Sexual Orientation: straight
Mated: Seeking
Intrests (music genres): 80's 90's pop-rock
Intrests (gaming): fps, arcade games
Intrests (hobbies): first aid volunteer, detecting, law  studying, fursuiting
Intrests (food): all kind of good foods of my country
Level of crocodile/alligator knowledge: Some
If you draw: don't draw atm

Nobody's perfect, I'm french.  ;)
Friday, March 30th, 2007
9:05 am
Got some nice badges
I got these at FWA this year

my badgesCollapse )
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
2:56 pm
Gatorman and Fizer pic (plus more of my character)
Forgot to post this about a month ago, but this pic was drawn by Lizardbeth as a commission request by myself and Gatorman at MFF06.


I felt it was long overdue to have a pic with us hugging, as Gatorman has been a great gator friend of mine throughout the years. There ya go, bro! :-)

This next one is drawn by Sparky The Chu, of my char in macro form rampaging through a city (WARNING: Hints of vore in this one)


Drawn by Yevaud. Another Vorish one, but I so want this on a T-shirt someday.


This is yet another vorish pic of my char (Yes, I am a vorarephile, if you haven't got that figured out by now) doing what he pretty much does best, keeping the human population in check. Drawn by Delmir Wolf.


Side pic of my char, drawn by Caimen.


I believe I've already posted this pic before, but its so damn nice that I have to share it again. Drawn by Ary.

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
2:04 pm
Monday, November 27th, 2006
2:57 pm
Just for laughs.
I'm postin' this thread with two purposes... (Secretly three xD)One, let me show ye all somethin' funny. Someone drew me some time ago but basically in a different setting, clothes and *cough* pose. This is what certain pirate crocodile does in his free time:

And if ye still have a breath from laughin' hard... I'd personally like ta meet the users o' this community, so feel free ta add me to any instant messenger :3 Just please say who ye are!

Hotmail: NanakiRedXIII@hotmail.com
Yahoo: NanakiRedXIII2000
AOL: The Crocco
Friday, November 10th, 2006
7:15 pm
IRC channel?
Does gatorsandcrocs have an IRC channel or other kind of live chat/forum? If not, would something like that be something we would/could use?
Monday, November 6th, 2006
3:29 pm
Gator Land tragedy
I just saw this on CNN.

A fire broke out in Gator Land, a park where tourists can go see alligators and other large reptiles of Florida. The fire broke out behind "Jaws," a giant gator head people walk through to get into the park that also serves as a mascot for the park. Most of the park's residents made it to the safety of the many small bodies of water. It is believed at this time that two crocodiles and two pythons that live in separate facilities near the gift shop perished in the fire.

I hope this isn't an arson. If it is, I hope there is security footage to put the criminals away for this crime! Either way, this is a very horrible thing to have happen in a place who's purpose is to spread knowledge and love of Florida's large reptiles.
6:49 pm
Gatorland is Burning (with Video)
From WFTV in Orlando:

Three-Alarm Fire at Orlando's Gatorland

(cross-posted to my journal)

Current Mood: sad
Friday, November 3rd, 2006
4:05 pm
Animal Face Off - Crocodile VS White Shark
I hope ye guys have ever seen or heard about this program: A group o' biologist and scientists build a metal replica o' what would be the animals' jaw, with even the same characteristics. Then virtually represent the battle.

There is no need ta say that I just watched it and I'm amazed. It had an explanation o' every detail, strengths and weakness... But I presume that the winners o' each battle aren't always accurate since they have never been able ta presence such fer real.

Anyway, I encourage ye guys ta see this episode particularly if ye haven't seen it yet. Ye will not know the winner until the end x) I tried ta find it in youtube or any other website ta download, but I'm afraid I couldn't find anything else than this:


If ye find a downloadable video, share it with the community.

Current Mood: complacent
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
4:33 pm
Well, what else is there ta say besides that I'm simply another crocodile joining? Oh sure, the stats. Here it goes fer those who are interested.

Name: Sagisou Fang
Age: I'm 20 but my character is 15 years older.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Pshh. I prefer males, thus doesn't apply ta feminine blokes.
Mated: I'd rather not say. Unsure o' it, really.
Intrests (music genres): I like all kind o' music but techno.
Intrests (gaming): Mostly RPG's, though put me a control pad on me hands and I'll play anything is on.
Intrests (hobbies): Too many ta list, but I'll mention some o' them; Roleplaying, Navigating, reading, writing, drinking, gambling, lazing about, acting...
Intrests (food): Even if I prefer chinese food, I will have anything edible too. (Except soup. ><)
Level of crocodile/alligator knowledge: Let's say a lot, though it wouldn't be accurate anyways.
If you draw: I don't draw, so far I could write a story fer this group but that's all about it.

Note: Aye, if ye have read through all this ye have noticed too I speak with a pirate accent. I don't overdo it, yet if ye have a big beef about it just stay quiet, I'm not gonna change the way I am.
Saturday, October 21st, 2006
8:22 am
make some noise!
Another YouTube video, this time of alligators making noises that alligators make... Click this link and turn up your speakers... Just in case you've never heard the beautiful sound of a gator rumble.
Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
7:32 pm
perfect gator weather...
Hot and a little humid with enough wind to make it feel even hotter... Like a sauna, but bigger. Gotta love Florida!

I've often wondered what it would take to actually have a gator rescue facility. I was inspired by the picture I saw of a thirteen foot long gator that was killed by some Texans when it was found in a lake. I thought it would be nice to have a home for such gators, especially since one so big must have been well along in age. Make the gator's life pleasant for the last few.

Probably more money than a poor gator can earn in a year, but it's nice to think about. Though with enough of a startup, I'm sure there's enough gator lovers out there who would feel charitable towards such an organization.

Maybe make a place for Florida crocs, too. Kind of a large reptile's rest home. Oh well, a gator can dream.
Friday, October 13th, 2006
11:48 pm
Anything happening? I can't believe the world is devoid of any gator and crock talk...

Actually, I learned that one of the workers at the place next to mine volunteers with the gator rescue groups here in the Orlando area. I found out when he came to work with his arm all bandaged up... Looks like he was helping a gator out of a nice lady's pool (and I say "nice lady" because she called the gator rescue instead of the gator hunters), and the poor guy was so frightened by the sudden activity he had to hold on to something... But all went well and the gator was radio tagged and released into a more gator friendly environment...

And in spite of his injury, he'll gladly do it again. Just wanted to let folks know that while most people only hear the bad stories about our mighty reptiles, there are plenty of good ones...
Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
11:45 pm
We have lost one
Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter", has died.


I know some people found him rather annoying. But someone who went to great lengths to help crocodiles live can only be worth of the biggest respect from me.

Rest in peace, good sir. And may Sobek have you at His side.
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